So I was at the hardware store all set to buy a pretty new piece of wood to paint on. I checked my bank account and realized I was NEGATIVE about $50. So, there goes that idea right? WRONG! I had a little cash in my wallet so with my fingers crossed I went to Re-Store to try and find something that would work. I ended up spending $5 on a 80”x 24” wooden closet door. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The size was just what i needed at a fraction of the cost. I did not notice the dent in the middle until after I was finished so thats a bummer. But for $5… oh well. I really like the size for this piece and I don’t think it needs to be hung on the wall. I think leaning it even adds to the “entering another dimension” quality I’m going for. What do you think?  Don’t forget to check out “The Making Of” section under  the Artwork tab to see my process and progress shots! 


New Experiment

Now that I have an amazing apartment and woodshop to work in, I can get back to building Sculptures!!! Trying to bring my mind back into 3D thinking from 2 years of 2D thinking, is tough. I have the beginning of an idea that I’m still brewing in my head. It is a lot like Felice Varini’s anamorphic illusions - http://www.varini.org/02indc/indgen.html  but I want to incorporate this into singular stand alone pieces. My mother just turned 70, so for her birthday I asked her for 2 colors and told her I was trying something new. She is very supportive of her starving artist daughter so I knew she would enjoy being the owner of the first “moving Illusion” i attempted. I’d say it’s 1/2 way successful, it does what i wanted it to do, just not quite at the right angle.   

If you didn’t know, I am obsessed with Felice Varini http://www.varini.org/  and playing with perspective. I’m sure you’ve all seen this  too https://www.facebook.com/ArtDailyOfficial/videos/1768092963225075/ and I am really trying to figure this out. I want to mess with your heads so bad! Hahahaa. Evil Genius in Training right here ;) It’s really fun and interesting to think about how to make it work. Wish me luck and stay tuned!

New Website!

I randomly decided to create a new website today. Well, maybe not so random, I am an ARTIST INC cohort and our next class we will be exchanging websites. Since I did not have one, I spent the better part of today making this one. Let me know what you think! (tap the post title to comment)

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