Long Time No Update! :D

Hello & Happy 2018 Friends! Or anyone who actually reads these! :D A LOT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS! Which is why I haven’t done any updates. 

1) I QUIT COSTCO!! Starting in Nov I began having issues with my hands and arms due to my very labor intensive job in the Costco Bakery. So I went on FMLA and Short Term Disability, thinking they would find another spot for me. WRONG. I went over a month and 1/2 without working, but I knew I couldn’t just go back to doing that kind of work, so I found a new job at a parking garage! Its perfect! I work BY MYSELF in a little booth with heat, wifi, a fridge, a micro, and my own bathroom. I can do whatever I want in this booth, I’m actually typing this post while I’m at work. I can draw, social media, NETFLIX, whatevs. Pretty Dope! And obvi NOT labor intensive ;) I’m probably gaining weight due to all the donut holes i eat at work! :D

2) I STARTED A TATTOO APPRENTICESHIP!!! WHAT?!?!?! Yeah!!! Super Stoked, at Artists Unbound https://www.facebook.com/autattoo/ in Omaha, Nebraska. Super cool and talented artists, I’m so lucky. Good thing I quit Costco, or I wouldn’t have time for the apprenticeship, the hours at the parking garage are perfect. Long days, but its TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! I was never cut out for Costco anyway, I TRIIIIIED to like the Kool-Aid, but it just wasn’t sweet enough. I will miss the amazing insurance but.. What, am I gonna stay miserable just so I can see a doctor 2x a year? I don’t think so. 

3) 4 BIG PROJECTS FOR THIS YEAR!!! and maybe a few small Pop UP Shows for my LLC Random Arts.

- CSART! I will be making 50 small pieces. People buy shares and get a piece from each artist involved, I’m not good at explaining it but this is - All I know is I get paid to make art for people who want to buy art!  <3 :D https://www.facebook.com/events/390378228079468/ that’s Preview Show where we show people what type of art the will be getting if they buy shares, my Piece for this show is down below! 

- UNSCULPTURE - PACE in Council Bluffs is doing a project to role out the city’s new slogan “Unlike Anywhere Else, On Purpose” so they deliver a big huge fiberglass sculpture to me, I paint it, they pick it up and install it somewhere WITH A PLAQUE WITH MY NAME ON IT! AND I GET PAID!!!!


pretty sweet, was selected out of a bunch of artists to have a 2 month show at the Library, they paired me up with 2 other artists who I love as humans, and artists, so that’s pretty cool! Gonna try to make some sculptural mind bending stuff for that. AND.. can you guess… I GET PAAAAAIIIIIDDDDD :D

- 3 PERSON INSTALLATION AT PETSHOP IN BENSON NE IN AUGUST!! Some super cool artist friends of mine Hugo & Jair and myself will be completely transforming a gallery into ….. we don’t really know yet! :D A combo of Space, Wizards, Space Wizards, Aliens, Graffiti, Ames Room, Perspective, CRAZY SHIT YO!! Its gonna be sick! I won’t get paid for this one, BUT getting to paint a whole gallery top to bottom, is kinda really frakin cool, (remember when you got in trouble for drawing on walls and shit? bc I do) so OH WELL. 

I think that’s it! … That’s all Nadia? You should do more stuff….. hahahha nope. I’m saying no to everything else that comes my way this year. I really need to knock all of this stuff out so I can focus on my tattoo apprenticeship. Because let’s be real, this is my FUTURE!! If I do things right and get through everything, SOMEDAY 10 years from now, I’ll be supporting myself by tattooing and visual art! how fucking cool will that be? No more micromanagement, no more “you can’t even be 1 minute late or you lose your job” no more “oh you cant get to work because you drive a tiny hatchback and there’s 3 inches of snow on the ground? YOUR FIRED” No more of this “Pretend life doesn’t happen to everyone and give us your soul no questions asked and we will pay you a little bit of money so you can feed yourself just enough to have energy to work your ass of for us and put gas in your car so you can get here. Maybe enough to pay for a place for you to sleep when you are not at work but not enough for anything else.” BULLSHIT!! THIS is the thought that will keep me going when I’m so tired and my drawings suck and I screw up. Because I know that will happen I’ve read articles and watched videos of tattoo apprentices telling me to not give up. I have a good amount of friends who are tattooers and they believe in me and I can’t thank them enough. Love to you all if you are reading this! <3

So bringing this big long blog post to a close, Thank you, whoever you are, for caring about my piddly little existence. I hope in some way I have inspired you, or made you feel a little LESS alone in this crazy mixed up world. 

Just Keep Swimming! <3


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