Nadia is a multi dimensional artist based in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a resident at the Harvester Artspace Lofts. She obtained her BSA from University of Nebraska at Omaha, focusing on Sculpture and minoring in Art History. She builds, She paints, She draws, She wonders, She experiments, She obsesses over shadows, perspective and cartoons. 

After a 2 year stint hosting Benson First Friday at Jerry’s Bar, Nadia began hosting one night only Pop-Up-Group Exhibitions under the name Random Arts Omaha (RAO) in 2016. She has volunteered her time and experience to help countless Omaha area artists show their work in various galleries and venues across The Metro. RAO is now an LLC and continues to give opportunities to new and emerging artists. Nadia has shown her own work in many local galleries; The RNG, Bancroft Street Market, Petshop/Sweatshop, The Little Gallery & Benson Underground Film Forum, as well as some non-traditional venues such as Larkin’s Parkin, Daisy Jones Locker, and the former House of Loom. Nadia is an Artist Inc 2017 Cohort, and has two upcoming shows scheduled for 2018 at the Downtown Omaha Public Library in the Michael Phipps Gallery. 

Artist Statement

I live for the shadows, negative space, and details perceived as insignificant, but couldn't be farther from that. We absorb a massive amount of visual information daily, but do we really comprehend what we see? In this fast paced world, I focus on how seemingly minuscule variables, light, shadow, location; constantly alter our perceptions without us even noticing.

Imagine being able to see the top and bottom of a cube at the same time. What would that look like? Exercising the mind this way enables us to see more of the infinite possibilities in both art and life. When we open ourselves up to new experiences, like taking a different road home, a new path is created in our brain. Instead of robotically repeating remembered rituals, we begin to see new avenues, new methods, new options. Instead of coasting, we can drive. 

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